Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday One-Shot Intro

Nentir has seen many rulers and heroes over its life, but few have left an impact equal to the upper echelons of Nerath. Always this high class of hero has included the Nerathi emperor, beginning the day a 15 year old human named Magroth defeated the Golden Dragon Ayunken-Vanzen. Often it has also included the members of the Blade Wardens, the Emperors personal guard. This was especially true in the years that Gairdyr sat upon Nerath’s throne. A proud man, revered for his prowess in battle and loved for his kind and fair rule, he was a deserving and proud heir to Magroth’s throne.
            In the days of Gairdyr’s youth, there lived a wise and powerful wizard in Nerath known as Bartleby. He became a trusted adviser to Gairyr as he advanced to the throne. Bartleby had eyes and ears firmly on the pulse of Nerathi politics to accompany his deep connection to the arcane arts.
            The family Galliston was also very influential at this time, being of high noble standing in the Empire. Their oldest son, Hadrian Galliston was a contemporary and close friend to Gairdyr from a young age. Joining the Nerathi army along with his friend, Hadrain rapidly rose through the ranks, his sharp blade and even sharper tactical mind eventually earning him the prized and coveted rank of Blade Warden. Teamed with several of Nerath’s greatest warriors, including Marshall Vardian Hathera, Hadrian served his friend and Emperor with unparalleled skill and devotion. However, in a battle against a descendant of Ayunken-Vanzen, Galliston was killed by the Golden wyrm. Caught in a fiery blast of the dragon’s breath, Hadrian sacrificed himself for his brethren, creating the opening for Hathera to land the killing blow. Gairdyr was wracked with guilt, and took personal responsibility for Hadrian’s Eladrin wife and infant daughter, Kirstal and Redra. Devastated by the loss of her husband, Kirstal took her child and fled to the town of Nenlast, in the farthest reaches of the Empire to raise her daughter alone. Emperor Gairdyr kept tabs on the pair, but honored Kirstal’s wishes not to interfere. Meanwhile, Hathera was promoted to Lord General, and given command of a new team of Blade Wardens. He set out to ensure that no Wardens death would ever emotionally compromise the Emperor again. By his command, the new Wardens were chosen not to have any tie to Gairdyr and were trained never to speak the Emperors name, referring to him simply as our Emperor, or Father.
            One summers evening, nine years after they had fled Nerath, Redra appeared before the city gates, asking for an audience with the Emperor. She brought the tragic news of her Mother’s death, torn apart by unseen evil beasts. Redra confided in Gairdyr that since her Father’s death, her mother had experienced the same nightmare, each and every night. Even worse, beginning the night after her Mother’s murder, Redra had begun to experience the identical dream. Yet instead of fear, the face of this 13 year old child showed only resolve to rid herself of the spectral terror that had driven her mother to the brink of insanity and death. Gairdyr brought Redra before Bartleby, and bade him to teach the girl the arcane magics, hoping that they would lead her to salvation. Secretly, Gairdyr knew that learning the teachings of Correlon’s magic would protect the girl, whose life he feared would always be in danger. Despite the Emperors wishes, the girl insisted upon returning to Nenlast, to live as her mother had. Packing his library, Bartleby and Redra set out to Nenlast to begin her apprenticeship.

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